Share network with iPhone (Vista)

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How to share your PC’s network connection with the iPhone in Windows Vista

This is for those who have a Vista laptop or PC with Wi-Fi built-in but are using a wired connection to access the internet without a Wi-Fi router.

Scenario: You’re at work but there is no Wi-Fi around. But you do have a wifi dongle or card inside your PC. You can set up a adhoc network and let other Wi-Fi devices connect to it and use the PC’s internet access. And you won’t incur any data charges too.

1. Go to Control Panel and click “Network and Sharing Center”

2. Click “Manage wireless networks”

3. Clikc “Add”

4. Click “Create an adhoc network”

5. Click “Next”

6. Enter the “Network name” and “Passphrase”. Make sure you check off “Save this network”

7. Click “Turn on Internet connection sharing”

8. Choose the Internet connection that is connected to the internet.

9. And that’s it! Now when you go to your iPhone or wifi device and scan for wireless networks you should see the one you just setup. Plug in the password you set earlier and you’ll have free internet

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