Share network with iPhone (XP)

| Monday October 13 2008 1:50 pm | Comments Off on Share network with iPhone (XP)

How to share your PC’s network connection with the iPhone in Windows XP

Scenario: You’re at work but there is no Wi-Fi around. But you do have a wifi dongle or card inside your PC. You can set up a adhoc network and let other Wi-Fi devices connect to it and use the PC’s internet access. And you won’t incur any data charges too.

1. Open “Properties” for the wireless connection you want to share and click the “Wireless Networks” tab

2.  Enter in the details below

3.  You should now see the wireless connection you just created.

4.  Now it’s time to share the LAN internet connection

5.  Click “Advanced” and then check off the box to “Allow” for Internet Connection Sharing.  Choose the Wireless Network connection you want to share it with

Now when a wireless device connects to “iphone-adhock” it’ll be able to access the internet.

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