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The iPhone is an amazing communications device. It has EDGE/3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere and it’s usually free via your own wireless router or open access points. It’s the most economical way of accessing the net.

EDGE/3G can also allow internet access but at a cost. Unless you have a unlimited data plan, it can be expensive. Most providers charge by the kilobyte.

Does this work with all iPhones, phone providers and firmwares?

Personally tested on Rogers with iPhone 2G and 3G with firmware 3.1.2.  It should work for most.

I only use my iPhone with Wi-Fi access points. Why do I get charged for data usage when I didn’t use it?

The iPhone periodically connects to the net to get updates, retrieve weather information, check your email, and various other tasks. If you’re on Wi-Fi, that’s fine and no data charges. However, if you go out of range of your home/open Wi-Fi hotspot, it does it via Edge or 3G, which your provider charges. The price can be very high, our local cell phone company charges 5 cent/KB. Over the course of a month it adds up to a lot.  1MB of data is $50 at this rate!!

How do I stop my cell phone provider from charging me for data usage?

There are many ways of disabling it:

1. You can call them and ask them to disable it on their end. Sometimes they don’t properly disable it and you still get charged for it.
2. Install an application on the iPhone to disable Edge/3G. Not really easy for novice users. You can install BossPref on jailbroken phones that let you turn of data.
3. Install new profile file. This website does just that with a click of a button.


To be on the very safe side, you do all 3 steps!

Do you have install anything?

None at all, it’s all done via the web.


FREE of course. Doesn’t cost a thing to use this website.  Any donations are welcome though.  Thank you!

What is actually happening when I click the “Disable EDGE/3G” button?

Basically a config file is downloaded and installs a new profile that sets the APN so that it points to a null location. Data usage via GSM is effectively disabled.

Can you revert back to the original if I decide to use EDGE/3G later?

Sure. Just delete the Profile. Go to Settings – General – Profile, delete it and it’s exactly like it was before

Does my Wi-Fi still work?

Of course. When you get in range of a Wi-Fi access point, you can browse and access the network again. This only disables the expensive GSM data part of your phone.

Will I still be able to send/recieve SMS messages?

Yes.  Only internet data is affected.

The EDGE/3G icon is still displayed in the top left corner. You sure it’s disabled?

It’ll still display the “E” but data is disabled. To test, disable your Wi-Fi and then use Safari to browse a web site. It won’t work.

If you really want to check if you’ve used cell data. Go to Settings – General – Usage, at the bottom there should be “Cellular Network Data”. Reset the counter before testing if any data was used. It should read “0”.

Does it work on all iPhones and providers?

Every iPhone including the new 3G ones. Compatible with 1.x, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0, 3.1 firmwares.  Possibly all future firmwares.  Personally tested on Rogers/Fido.  Let others know what works by leaving a comment.

Does the phone have to be jailbroken?

Doesn’t matter if it’s a stock iPhone or a jailbroken one.

What is jailbreaking?

Beyond the scope of this site but Google should be able to tell you.


  1. Comment by Claudia — 2010/02/11 @ 1:49 pm

    do you know if it works for firmware 3.1.3 ?

  2. Comment by problem — 2010/02/16 @ 4:51 am

    I’ve been installed it but i deleted it to use 3g for a while.
    and while ago i just tried to reinstall it but the button does not work even though i put it several times.
    plz show me the solution that how can i reinstall it. thanx.

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